Zero Currency


What is Zero Currency: –

Zero means sky. Our middle finger is connected to the sky. This posture maintains balance among the elements inside our body. Zero posture mainly enhances our hearing. This mudra conducts the fire elements inside the body. Much practice of this mudra is done for any pain in any part of the body. Let’s know its benefits and how to do it.

Aakash means openness, expansion and sound. The opposite is zero. To reduce the imbalance that arises from the growth of the sky element, we apply zero posture.

Methods of doing zero currency: –

1- First of all, spread a mat on the ground and sit on it in Padmasana or Siddhasana, making sure that your spine is straight.

2- Place both your hands on your knees and palms should be towards the sky.

3- While keeping the middle finger (middle finger) towards the palms, press the first knuckles with the thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight.

4- You should practice by focusing your attention on the breath. Breathing is normal during exercise.

5- At least 45 minutes should remain in this state.

Time and duration of doing zero currency: –

If you practice it everyday then you will get good results. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful. Mudra can be practiced in the morning and evening for 22–22 minutes.

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Benefits from zero currency: –
1. If there is numbness in any part of the body, applying this mudra removes numbness. Numbness occurs only where blood circulation is not well. Zero posture increases blood circulation.

2. If there is a noise in the ears, then this mudra will benefit.

3. This mudra is very beneficial for ear pain – ear pain ends in two to three minutes immediately.

4. Children are also cured by slapping on the cheek or ear pain due to bump and swelling of ears.

5. If there is deafness in the ears, if the ears are flowing, then continuous practice of this mudra for about 45 minutes daily, deafness is removed, the ears will stop flowing. The dirt accumulated in the ears will also be away from this mudra. Both Zero mudra and Akash mudra are beneficial in all diseases of the ears. In the deafness of the ears, this pose acts as a panacea.

6. Diseases of the throat are eliminated with this mudra, voice is clear and diseases of thyroid are also removed.

7. Gums are strong, gum disease pyorrhea is also cured.

8. Heart disease and throat diseases are also removed.

9. When the ears are flowing, there is pain in the ears, then the doctor closes the ears by putting cotton in the ears – Zero mudra works just like this.

10. Just as Akash Mudra is beneficial for children with disabilities, in the same way that children who are hyperactive, are very stubborn, cannot sit in one place, do not have concentration, their sky element is increased, they have zero posture. One should practice, as well as earth posture because their earth element is less. The lack of concentration of hyperactive children is called Attention Deficit Disorder.

11. If any ear disease is not cured by zero posture, then Akash Mudra is definitely cured.

12. Pressure increases in the ears while traveling by air, ear plugs have to be installed. In this case, apply zero currency.

13. Its regular practice strengthens will power.

14. Concentration increases by doing this.

15. Doing this provides relief in any type of pain in the body.

16. Zero posture also cures diseases of the thyroid gland.

17. Reduces laziness from the body.

18. This posture reduces mental stress.

Precautions in zero posture: –

This indispensable posture should be done empty stomach While doing this mudra, your attention should not be distracted. Do not do zero posture immediately before or after having food, sitting in a posture and concentrating in doing zero posture is more beneficial.


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