Vipassana:- A Meditation Method

vipassana meditation

What is Vipassana:

vipassana mediation

Vipassana is a meditation method. Which Buddha ji revived. This is the method of meditation by which most people attained enlightenment and enlightenment. Vipassana means: to inspect your breath, to see the breath. This is not yoga or pranayama.

Don’t make the breath rhythmic; He does not have to slow down or accelerate. Vipassana does not change your breath at all. It has nothing to do with breath.

The breath has to be used as a remedy so that you can become obsessed. Because breathing is a continuous occurrence within you. If you can see your breath, you can also see thoughts.

Vipassana is an effective method of introspection. This leads to self-purification. It is a mixed form of pranayama and witnessing. Actually, it is only part of witnessing.

Rishis and sages have been doing this meditation method since time immemorial. Lord Buddha made it the simplest. According to this method, one has to watch his breath and be aware of it. Seeing means feeling his movement.

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How to do Vipassana:

Vipassana meditated in three ways which can be done.

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First method:

Awareness of your works, your body, your mind, your heart. Come on, then walk with your senses, shake hands, shake with your consciousness, knowing that you are shaking hands.

You can move it like a machine without any consciousness. You go for a walk in the morning; You can walk without being alert to your feet.

Be aware of your body movements. While eating, be aware of the activities that are necessary to eat. The coolness you are getting while bathing. The water is falling on you.

And be aware of all the extraordinary pleasure that you are getting from it – just stay alert. It should not be in a state of awareness.

And it is the same with your mind. Whatever thoughts pass through the screen of your mind, just be a follower. Whatever sentiment goes through the screen of your heart, just be a witness. Do not get entangled in it. Do not identify it, do not evaluate what is good, what is bad; He is not part of your meditation.

Second method:

The second method is breathing; To be aware of your breath. As soon as the breath enters, your stomach starts to rise, and when the breath goes out, the stomach starts to sit down again.

So the second method is to become aware of the stomach – its rise and fall. There is a sense of rise and fall of the stomach… and the stomach is the closest to the source of life. Because the baby is attached to the belly of the mother’s belly. The source of his life is behind the navel.

So when your stomach wakes up, it is really life energy, the stream of life that is rising up with every breath. And falling down. This method is not difficult. Probably easier. Because it is a simple method.

In the first method, you have to be aware of your body, conscious of your mind. One has to be aware of his feelings, sentiments. So it has three stages. The second method has a single step.

Just the stomach going up and down. And the result is the same. As you become aware of the stomach, the mind becomes calm, the heart becomes calm. Emotion conditions disappear.

Third method:

When the breath starts entering, when the breath starts going through your nostrils, then her husband has to become aware.

Feel him at that second extreme – from the stomach to the other extreme – feel the breath of breath on the nose. The breath that goes in gives a kind of coolness to your nostrils. Then the breath goes out… ..the breath comes in, the breath goes out.

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Benefits of Vipassana:

1- By doing this, the person gets relieved.

2- By doing this meditation, negative thoughts are eliminated.

3- Mind and brain remains completely calm.

4- There is always peace in the mind.

5- Siddhis are proven automatically.


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