Vayu Mudra


What is Vayu Mudra: –
By practicing Vayu Mudra, the balance of air remains in the body. According to Ayurveda, there are eighty-four types of air inside our body and air is a sign of agility. The distortion of air increases the spasticity of the mind, so air-posture is believed to be practiced to keep the mind in one place. Till the pure air is attained to the body, our body remains patient. Vayu mudra is practiced to protect the body from diseases. In general, by doing this posture for some time repeatedly, the severity of the problem of air disorders is removed in 12 to 24 hours. Let us know how it is done and about the benefits of it.

Increased air is controlled by this posture. The index finger is the symbol of the air element. By turning and pressing it, the air element starts to decrease. Vayu Mudra binds in the Vata pulse situated in the middle of the hand of the hand. Therefore, all the vata diseases can be cured by this.

Method of performing air exchange: –
1- First of all, spread a mat on the ground and sit on it in Padmasana or Siddhasana, making sure that your spine is straight.

2- Place both your hands on your knees and palms should be towards the sky.

3- Now put your thumb (index finger) on the side of the palm and place it in the root of the thumb and keep the remaining fingers straight.

4- Should concentrate on breathing. Breathing is normal during exercise.

5- In this state, it should remain for at least 8-10 minutes.

Time and duration of performing air exchange: –
If you practice it everyday then you will get good results. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful. Vayu Mudra can be practiced in the morning, noon and evening for 8-8-9-9 minutes.

Benefits from Vayu Mudra: –
1. Very beneficial in all rheumatic diseases. Due to increase in air, body pain starts, such as back pain, cervical pain, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, heel pain etc. Applying Vayu Mudra in all these pains calms the enraged air and consequently gives relief in pain. Practice this for 45 minutes every day for several consecutive days.

2. More air dries up the fluid in the joints. When the air enters the knee joints, it hurts. For this, air exchange is beneficial in joint pain.

3. In the Vata Nadi situated in the middle of the wrist of both hands, this mudra is tied. Due to pain and tightness in the left part of the neck, the wrist of the left hand rotates the clockwise and anti-clockwise in the same posture. Similarly, in the pain of the right part of the neck, rotating the wrist of the right hand is beneficial.

4. This posture is also beneficial in diseases of gas. When gas increases in the stomach, there is discomfort after eating. If you feel like vomiting, indigestion problem, then use this mudra. If you do this pose while traveling in a bus, there is no complaint of vomiting.

5. Blood circulation is cured in this posture, all diseases due to disturbances of blood circulation are removed. Here it is necessary to inform you that due to lack of blood circulation, there is pain in the body. The part of the body where the blood is not supplied properly, there is pain on it, such as the vibration of hands and feet, numbness of organs, paralysis. All these diseases can be cured without air medication.

6. Heartache is also a defect of blood circulation. Therefore, the pain of heart is also calmed by air posture, and heart disease is also cured.

7. In any accidental disease of the air, the benefit of using this mudra starts within 24 hours.

8. According to Ayurveda, there are 80 types of air diseases, which are all cured with air posture.

9. Pran Mudra should be used along with Vayu Mudra in incurable and chronic air diseases. Prana Mudra increases life power – confidence and self confidence increases.

10. Due to excess of air, the blood vessels of the heart shrink. Due to air breathing, these blood vessels are flexible, their contraction is removed, by which blood circulation is cured and heart disease is removed.

11. There is an advantage in the use of this currency in polio as well.

12. This mudra also helps in blinking of eyes without reason.

13. This mudra benefits even when it stops belching.

14. By regular practice of this mudra, the breath of air starts circulating in the sushumna nadi which leads to the awakening of the chakras.

15. By doing this, the mind gets concentrated after ending the restlessness of the mind.

16. Doing it daily reduces hiccups.

17. Skin irritation and itching disappear.

18. By drinking three liters of water a day along with Vayu Mudra, rheumatism, arthritis are quickly eliminated. Boil the water and drink it when it is slightly warm.

19. If there is numbness in the hands, doing air exercises along with air posture will give miraculous benefits.

20. Sitting in Vajrasana, doing air posture gives quick benefits.

21. If disease occurs anywhere in the body, first of all, pain or numbness comes – air exchange is very beneficial in both of them. Therefore, air exchange has the power to eliminate all diseases at the beginning.

Precautions in air posture: –
In case of any type of body pain, doing air posture stops the pain of the body immediately, but do not do it unnecessarily for a long time in the desire of more benefit, otherwise there may be loss in place of profit. Suffering


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