Sky Mudra


Sky Pose
The middle finger symbolizes the sky element. When the fire element and the sky element meet, there is a feeling of expansion like the sky. The sky element increases. Sound originates in the sky and the sound goes through us through the ears.

To perform Akash Mudra, attach the middle finger to the forearm of the thumb and straighten the rest of the fingers. By doing this mudra regularly, ear diseases, deafness, hearing incessant sounds in the ears and weakness of bones etc. are removed.

Method of performing Akash Mudra: –
1- First of all, place the carpet/mat in a clean and flat place.

2- Now sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana or Vajrasana.

3- Now put both your hands on your knees and keep the palm of your hands towards the sky.

4- Combine the front of the thumb with the middle finger, keep the remaining three fingers straight.

Time to pose: –
Do this pose for at least 48 minutes. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful. If it is not possible to do for 48 minutes at a time, then you can do 16-16 minutes in the morning and afternoon.

Benefits from Akash Mudra: –
1. Extinction of sky element eliminates nothingness. Emptiness, hollowness, foolishness is removed, openness is expanded.

2. The hearing power of the ears increases and other ear diseases also go away. Such as runny ears, tingling in ears, deafness of ears. For this, apply this pose at least one hour daily.

3. Heart disease, all diseases related to heart, high blood pressure are also cured by expansion of sky element because sky element is related to heart.

4. Body bones are strong. Calcium deficiency is overcome. Osteoporosis i.e. bone attenuation is overcome. For this practice one hour daily.

5. Joint pain is overcome by making earth posture with right hand and sky pose with left hand.

6. Jaw tightness is removed from this posture. Special and instant benefits.

7. Putting the beads of the rosary on the thumb, turning the garland from the middle part of the middle finger provides physical pleasure, attaining a glory. The middle finger is the symbol of Saturn. This pose is also a symbol of Shani worship.

8. In the meditative state, this mudra creates vibrations on the command cycle and the Sahasara Chakra – due to which there is a feeling of divine powers and development of inner powers. Mostly chanting and meditation are done in this posture.

9. The sky element is related to spirituality.

10. Mudra is a panacea for mentally and physically challenged children.

11. Taking food with the left hand in the sky posture, there is no risk of food going into the respiratory tract.

12. Kapha dosha is removed. The phlegm accumulated in the throat is fine. If there is contaminated phlegm anywhere in the body, then it goes away from this mudra.

13. Epilepsy is also cured by this posture.

Precautions: –
This posture should be done on an empty stomach. While doing this mudra, your attention should not be distracted. And this posture should not be done in a noisy and dirty place.


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