Prithvi Mudra


What is Prithvi Mudra: – 

Prithvi Mudra is called Gesture of the Earth in English. Its other name is Agni Shamak Mudra. Through this, the individual stirs the earth component in its physical still, small voice and aides in decreasing the fire component developing in the body. At the point when this mudra is done, the earth components increment equitably. The act of this mudra makes new parts. The human body has two nadis, the Surya Nadi and the Chandra Nadi. At the point when the Earth is done, there is pressure on the ring finger, that is, the Sun finger, which enables the Sun to heartbeat and tone to get dynamic. 

The commitment finger means the earth component. The earth component gives us massiveness, strength. This builds the earth component. Commitment fingers are viewed as the focal point everything being equal and indispensable power. Commitment fingerparts stream brilliantly constantly just as the thumb. It is through the commitment finger that we apply tilak. Pooja performs Archana and wears a ring at the wedding. 

Technique for doing Prithvi Mudra: – 

1-First of all, sit in the situation of Padmasana or Sukhasana. 

2-Now keep both your hands on your knees. 

3-Now twist your pointer or little finger and contact and press with the lower arm of your thumb. The rest keep your three fingers upstanding. 

4-Sit in this stance for 10-15 minutes, and continue breathing gradually. 

5-Remove all contemplations from the brain and spotlight the mind just on ॐ. 

Time to present: – 

Do this consistently for 30-40 minutes. In the event that you practice it regular, at that point you will get great outcomes. Rehearsing this mudra toward the beginning of the day and at night is increasingly productive. 

Advantages of Prithvi Mudra: – 

1. It makes the bones and muscles of the body solid. Along these lines, Earth money is gainful for powerless youngsters, ladies and people. Expands the heaviness of feeble individuals. 

2. Expels the lack of nutrients in the body, wherein our vitality increments and the face shines. 

3. Life power is extended by earth pose. The body is thrilling. It is useful in expanding stature and weight. It is exceptionally gainful for developing powerless youngsters. 

4. Expands euphoria, stoppage and sharpness in the body. 

5. This mudra gives the sentiment of internal joy. Liberality, attentiveness, give joy by making the objective colossal. 

6. Incites important stream in inside unobtrusive components. Slenderness makes us liberal. In this manner, it makes ready for otherworldly advancement. 

7. Processing power is restored by this mudra. Individuals whose stomach related force is powerless, they generally feel feeble. Numerous youngsters do a ton of nourishment yet at the same time stay thin and thin – if such kids apply this post, it will be of incredible advantage. 

8. With the expansion in vitality intensity of the body, the mind additionally turns out to be progressively dynamic – working limit increments. 

9.. Prithvi Mudra likewise secures against cold. 

10. Like the thumb, the finger likewise has unique electric flow, so tilak is done on the brow with this finger. 

11. Steady utilization of this mudra will cause noteworthy changes in your tight contemplations. Alongside your thoughts, sharpness and component properties will likewise grow. 

12. Long haul practice of this mudra will have extraordinary impacts in the body. There will be new force, new power, ascent of satisfaction and correspondence of seepage in Rome. 

13. Earth component is identified with Muladhar Chakra. Hence, the Mooladhara Chakra is actuated by the Earth Mudra and its organs are solid. Edema of the prostate organ closes. The hernia is restored and this posture is likewise helpful for hair, nails. 

14. Kids who are hyperactive need earth component and sky component more. They ought to perform zero mudra and earth mudra at the same time. 

15. The stock of nutrients/minerals makes the hair sound. Male pattern baldness stops and hair doesn’t turn white. 

16. This mudra is exceptionally helpful for expanding hemoglobin. 

17. Beats the absence of certainty. 

18. This stance keeps up the extents of the parts in the body. 

19. This posture alleviates pressure. 

20. Facial skin turns out to be perfect and sparkly. 

21. Earth pose reinforces the body inside and improves memory. 

22. This is an advantageous Yoga Mudra for Weight Loss. Weight can be decreased with its assistance. 

23. This stance helps in keeping the body sound. 

24. By doing the earth act, the throat gets musical. 

25. It is useful in expanding focus. 

26. Mouth and stomach ulcers and so on dispose of. 

Safety measures kept while doing Prithvi Mudra 

While doing Prithvi Mudra, keep your spine straight while sitting in Padmasana. Do this mudra for 10-15 minutes consistently, following a couple of days, increment the timeframe. On the off chance that you have mucus deformity, don’t do this stance for long. This stance ought to be done on a vacant stomach.


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