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What is non-human currency: – 

Another name for Apanavayu Mudra is a dead-lifesaving stance, it is legitimately identified with the heart. Apan Vayu Mudra is comprised of two Mudras, one is Vayu Mudra which causes us in decreasing the expanded gas of the stomach. Also, the second is the exceptional cash that keeps our heart right. What’s more, this stance additionally builds stomach related force. Subsequently, it is otherwise called heart act. By doing this mudra at the hour of abrupt coronary episode, the patient gets prompt advantage. 

In this Mudra, two Mudras are set all the while – Vayu Mudra and Apana Mudra. That is the reason its compound name is – Apana Vayu mudra. It is otherwise called the dead Sanjeevani Mudra since it is useful in HEART ATTACK. On the off chance that it is said to have an air-like posture, at that point it turns out to be anything but difficult to recollect the strategy for this mudra – air act + Apana mudra. 

Vayu Mudra is a pain-relieving – common PAIN KILLER, torment anyplace in the body, gas issue, Vayu Mudra fixes it. Apna mudra fortifies stomach related force and heart. ANGINA PECTORIS is a ground-breaking present for anguish. 

Strategies for doing aana vayu mudra: 

1-First of all, spread a tangle on the ground and sit on it in Padmasana or Siddhasana, ensuring that your spine is straight. 

2-Place both your hands on your knees and palms ought to be towards the sky. 

3-Now twist the forefinger of your hand and put it in the base of the thumb and contact the principal tip of the center and ring finger with the primary tip of the thumb and press it delicately and let the lesser finger be straight. 

4-You should rehearse by concentrating on the breath. Breathing is typical during exercise. 

5-In this state, it ought to stay for at any rate 48 minutes. 

Time and term of doing anaan vayu mudra: – 

On the off chance that you practice it ordinary, at that point you will get great outcomes. Rehearsing this mudra in the first part of the day and at night is increasingly productive. Mudra can be polished for 16-16 minutes toward the beginning of the day, evening and night. 

Advantages from Apan Vayu Mudra: – 

1. Apana vayu mudra specially affects the heart. This cash brings prompt advantages in any event, when HEART ATTACK is halted and HEART ATTACK. This mudra functions as a pill of sorbitate – the advantage of this mudra begins inside a few seconds. The patient gets supernatural help. Because of the expanded air, the veins of the heart become dry – they start delivering shrinkage. Blood course in the heart is diminished via air trade, shrinkage of the heart channels. What’s more, blood flow increments in the heart. 

2. Heart torment is evacuated. 

3. All heart sicknesses are relieved. 

4. Both hypertension and low circulatory strain are relieved. 

5. Increments or eases back the heartbeat – In the two cases, the heartbeat is typical. 

6. Frenzy and advantageous in all maladies of the sensory system. 

7. Makes the lungs sound – gainful in asthma. 

8. Prompt advantages in gout – Abdominal air, gas, stomach torment, butt-centric infection, corrosiveness, heart ignite with gas are altogether relieved. 

9. Cerebral pain, half migraine, migraine is in reality because of stomach upset. This mudra has marvelous advantages in cerebral pain. Ailments brought about by restlessness or over the top work are additionally relieved. 

10. Help in knee torment – Applying your air act 5 to 7 minutes before climbing the stairs won’t inhale out nor will there be any torment in the knees. 

11. Hiccups quit coming. Likewise useful in toothache. 

12. The squinting of eyes additionally stops. In our way of life, flaring of the correct eye of ladies and the left eye of men is viewed as ominous. 

13. Vata-Pitta-Kapha evacuates all the three deformities. The circulatory framework, the stomach related framework fixes all. 

14. Soothes all negative weight of body and psyche. As indicated by Acharya Keshavdev ji, nonstop act of this mudra causes a wide range of heart ailments, however it is additionally important to focus on your nourishment, schedule, work out, and so forth with mudra. In coronary illness, this posture is panacea. More viable than a viable infusion. 

15. In the event that any particles of nourishment go into the breeze pipe while eating, at that point the breath begins to unstick. Shortness of breath can happen inside a moment or two. In such a crisis, this stance is exceptionally viable, you will get prompt help, this experience is of Dr. Ramesh Puri himself. 

16. Up to 70 percent of individuals kick the bucket before arriving at the emergency clinic when a cardiovascular failure happens – an outstanding cardiologist, Dr. KK Agrawal, says that demise can be maintained a strategic distance from by quickly putting a dead stance on a cardiovascular failure. 

Alert during Apan Vayu Mudra: – 

This unfilled air stance ought to be done on a vacant stomach. While doing this mudra one ought not occupy consideration. Apan Vayu Mudra is a ground-breaking mudra, the mix of the three components together with the fire component, so it ought not be done at all for a fixed time and apply this mudra two times per day for 16-16 minutes. Doing it while sitting in Vajrasana gives snappy alleviation in coronary illness.


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