The 4 Main Meditation Types Explained

M3editation Types by Tom

Meditation types

Meditation types by tom cronin

Hey welcome back it’s Tom. here again thank you for joining us it’s wonderful to be sharing this space with you again now. You heard what it’s probably the biggest objection that I’ve come across with most people when they say to me that they’ve tried meditation . By the way, there are lot of meditation types.

Now they’re convinced that they just can’t do it or it doesn’t seem to work for them there’s this idea that meditation has to involve sitting in lotus position with your hands in woodruf .

Your eyes closed and not having a thought. Well the one thing I want to say is that everyone can meditate including you there’s no one that can meditate it simply depends on what type of meditation that you’re doing .

Now today you’re going to discover what works best for you there are many different types of meditation and knowing what they are. What the benefits are which one is applicable to you is really important .

In the process of finding out which to embrace in your life now I did a lot of research I spent a lot of time and a lot of money looking at all these different types of meditation.

So I’m going to save you that time and money and share with you what I’ve learned will give you a full understanding of the variety of meditation techniques and ultimately which one is right for you all.

So today I’m going to be responding to some of the most pressing questions that you may have seen in the comments area and like to really thank you so much for being honest and open with your stories that are really beautiful and thanks so much for sharing with us.

I’m really passionate about meditation and there’s a reason for this it saved my life literally it saved my life see I was in finance many years ago and I led a very imbalanced lifestyle.

When I started out and this led to extreme imbalances within my physiology at first it started to show in signs of anxiety and insomnia and getting sick a lot but then things started to get worse and they just got worse and worse until eventually I started to experience extreme panic attacks and depression and Agra phobia.

In the end I had to leave my job things became literally unbearable I got to a crisis point a point where I didn’t think I could go on with life I couldn’t see a way out of the darkness and thoughts were just constantly going around in my head and doctors wanted me to take pharmaceutical drugs and I just knew there had to be a better way and if I could just silence my mind I thought.

I started to look for alternatives into that and I heard that meditation could tame that monkey mind . So that’s where I began my research and what I discovered in my research was that although there are many different styles of meditation.

Four Distinct Meditation Types

What I found was that there was primarily Four Distinct Meditation Types we have Concentration, Contemplation, Chanting and then Transcending Style Meditations.

Concentration Meditation

These deeper ones so let’s explore these now we’ll look firstly at a Concentration Meditation type and this is where we’re going to use some discipline to have some force to bring your mind to a single point this might be focusing on the breadth or the third eye or a candle. It’s a very challenging meditation because it’s something that the mind simply doesn’t want to do.

It’s just it’s not what the mind is designed to do the mind tends to focus on the future designing events or on the past remembering events then it goes where there’s greater charm whether it’s greater enjoyment .

It’s just not that enjoyable for the mind to be focusing on one single point. It’s really boring so you’ll require a fabulous fair bit of discipline to get our mind to that single point and just keep it there.

In today’s world it seems a little bit difficult to do this meditation because we’re processing so much information now we’ve got Facebook and Twitter and we’ve got emails we’ve got meetings. We’ve got busses to catch movies to go to dinner parties to attend.

We’ve got a lot of information process so We’re actually asking our mind to be very busy every day . Now you have around 50 to 70,000 thoughts every day so that’s a lot of processing of data.

But if you’re a monk say you from the age of 8 living in an ashram or want to straight up in Tibet or you didn’t have to go through all of that processing. Now these meditation techniques of concentration are much more accessible because you’ve been training your mind over a long period of time to be able to do this.

Contemplation Meditations

Now in today’s world it’s a big ask for our minds to transition from all that busyness and down into a single point of focus it can be very challenging to embrace this style of meditation.

And then we have other meditation Type which is Contemplation Meditations. Now these are about using thought forms to create a scenario inside your head so we’re actually gonna be thinking through the whole meditation and when we want to manifest certain outcomes.

We should be using affirmations or visualizations or chakra contemplation or simply guidance from someone else who’s actually talking now about this.

While during the Contemplation Meditation type there’s an activity going on in the mind there’s some busyness for every thought we have there’s a corresponding physiological shift in the body.

So the body is not actually going into the same level of rest . If the mind was so still so that said contemplation meditations they can create benefits . Because they it’s all about manifesting certain outcomes from the thinking process. now we have chanting meditations and this is where we use Java beads.


You see people wearing these beads and they count the beads as they might say shine a chant like om namasivaya or Transcendental Meditation Mantras .

Transcending Style Meditations

Chanting meditations are beautiful but like Contemplation Meditation, the mind is still active while you’re saying the charm .

Finally we have Transcending Style Meditation type this is where the mind actually transcends beyond thought goes beyond the thinking process by using a sound or vibration or Mantras.

Now the brain turns into the repetition about vibration or sound and your mind moves from the active beat of brain wave thinking state down into the deeper Delta brainwave state.

Now in Delta brainwaves state the mind becomes very still and it’s in a very deep meditative state. We’re awake and conscious but we’re not actually having a thought now studies have been done on these Transcending Style Meditations .

And what they found was that the results revealed that they were getting into a deeper level of physiological rest about four times deeper than sleep . Which is just a mark remarkable and it’s because the mind is awake and yet not thinking and when the minds in that state is a deep healing intelligence that unlocks in the body.

This does for a store balance and this is what happened to me I came across this Transcending Style Meditation Technique and what I found was that my body started to heal itself really quickly started to producing serotonin that biochemical pappas oxytocin the biochemical for love and melatonin.

The one for sleep now a reverse of that state of stress or fight/flight response which in today’s world of information overload doesn’t bring about the same level of rest which is needed to restore balance and repair so simply through that level of rest that I was achieving a meditation.

I was able to restore balance in my life it was very accessible and very easy to do absolutely amazing so there you have it four distinct categories of meditation .

Now there are many different Meditation Types but most of them will fit into these four distinct categories .

You can check:-

Which one is right for you?

So the big question is which one is right for you? well that all depends what do you need and want out of your meditation for me. I was choiceless there was only one that healed me holistically one that gave me the peace calm and inner joy that I craved it totally changed my life.


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