Indra Mudra


Indra Mudra
The five elements of our body are made up of the five fingers of our hand representing those elements, such as Agutha represents Agni, index finger of wind, middle of the sky, Anamika of earth and Kanni represents water element. Now we talk about Indra Mudra. In summer, Indra mudra (Varuna mudra) balances the water element of our body. This reduces the feeling of thirst and also protects against heat stroke.

Method of doing Indra Mudra: –
1- First of all, spread a mat on the ground and sit on it in Padmasana or Siddhasana, making sure that your spine is straight.

2- Now put both your hands on knees and the palm of hands should be towards the sky.

3- Combine the tip of the junior finger with the front of the thumb and keep the remaining three fingers straight.

Time to pose: –
If you practice it everyday then you will get good results. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more beneficial. This mudra can be practiced in the morning and evening for 16-16 minutes.

Benefits of Indra Mudra: –
1. By the normal use of this mudra, the skin remains soft, soft and balsamic. There is no wrinkling on the face and the body remains for a long time. For female beauty, this pose is not less than any beauty salon.

2. Many types of skin diseases are cured by this mudra. Such as ringworm, itching, eczema, psoriasis, herpes etc. In winter, dry, cool winds make the skin dry. It turns sour on him. For this reason, in winter, skin rash also occurs without disease. To avoid this, do this pose.

3. In the summer season, diarrhea, diarrhea and loose motions usually occur. It is only because of two or four diarrhea that we become cold. This happens due to lack of water in the body. Children are very quickly affected by this disease. This causes a shortage of water in our body, which is called de-hydration. Doctor is like this. R.S.Other recommend drinking water-salt-sugar solution frequently. Many times the situation becomes terrible and hospitalization has to be done. In such a situation, performing this mudra gives miraculous benefits. By doing this posture every time you pass urine, there is no lack of water element, there is no weakness in the body and strength remains. This stool works as a life-saver in diarrhea.

4. In urinary diseases, in kidney diseases, when you have to go for frequent urination, applying this mudra will provide relief.

5. Diabetes is also more frequent in the case of diabetes, having to urinate several times at night. By doing this mudra, it will get relief.

6. Thirst is very high in high fever, lips begin to dry up. Sometimes the lips also crack. In this case, apply this pose.

7. If the taste of the mouth becomes bad due to fever or any other reason, apply this pose to cure it.

8. If there is burning sensation in the eyes, dryness, apply this pose.

9. 80% of our blood is water. When the blood becomes thick due to high cholesterol, diabetes, increased cholesterol, use this mudra to make the blood normal, for the quality of blood, to avoid bad cholesterol. With this blood circulation will be fine, blood diseases will not occur. The fluidity of blood flow will remain and the circulation of oxygen and life throughout the body through the blood will continue.

10. Applying this mudra in summer season gives special benefit. We can avoid excessive thirst, do not feel hot, we get cold.

11. This currency is beneficial even in the problem of gas.

12. Due to lack of water in the body, muscles become clogged. Cramps and tension occur in them. This posture protects us from such a condition by relaxing the muscles.

13. In boils, pimples, nails, pimples, this mudra is beneficial. Diseases caused by the increase of acid bile are cured.

14. Rubbing the forearm of the little finger from the thumb’s foreskin also removes fainting.

Precautions: –
This posture should be done on an empty stomach. While doing this mudra one should not divert attention.


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