Gyan Mudra


What is Gyan Mudra: –
Knowledge in Sanskrit means intelligence. It is also called Mudra of Knowledge in English. Practicing it regularly increases intelligence. When we do yoga in the posture of knowledge, our intelligence increases. Therefore meditation is very important to do this yoga. Our thumb is the symbol of fire element and the index finger is the symbol of air element. According to astrology, our thumb is the symbol of Mars and the index finger is the symbol of Jupiter.

When these two elements combine, there is an increase in air element due to which the effect of Jupiter increases. This is the reason why doing yoga asana develops our intelligence. Vayu Mudha increases with knowledge currency, hence it is also called Vayu Mudra Mudra. Gyan Mudra is the Shiromani Mudra. There is also an article in the Gita in which Lord Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna, which was in the Gita itself. Many Gods such as Lord Shiva, Goddess Saraswati, Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, etc. are shown in Gyan Mudra in the statues and pictures.

Importance of Gyan Mudra: –
Gyan mudra has been called powerful in yoga because this mudra breaks your sleep. The glands of the hands are directly related to our brain. Right-handed relationship The left and left-handed relationship is assumed to be from the right brain. The sleeping fibers of the brain are awakened by Gyanmudra and increase the senses of humans. Knowledge means not a lot of information or ideology, but conscious. There is no stain of any kind of deeds or thoughts on the mind of a conscious personality.

Method of Gyan Mudra: –
1- First of all, place the carpet/mat in a clean and flat place.

2- Now sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana or Vajrasana.

3- Now put both your hands on knees and the palm of hands should be towards the sky.

4- Now the index finger has to be rounded and touch the front part of the thumb. And keep the other three fingers straight and do this knowledge with both hands.

5- Remove all thoughts from the mind and focus the mind only on ॐ.

Time to pose: –
Do this for 15 minutes to 45 minutes. This pose can also be applied while walking, sleeping, awake, waking up and sitting. The more time you spend, the more the profit will increase. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful.

Thumb index means: –
The thumb is the fire element and the index finger is the air element. In astrology or planetary mode, the thumb is the symbol of Mars and the index finger is the planet. The union of these two elements and planets increases the air element and the master dominates. It is also called the union of Shiva and Shakti. Without air, fire cannot burn and fire increases with the addition of air. The thumb is a symbol of wisdom and also of fire. Therefore, intelligence is developed by union of index finger and thumb. The thumb is a symbol of divine and index finger.

Benefits of doing Gyan Mudra: –
1. There is an increase in air element due to joining of thumb and index finger. This removes negative thoughts. Wisdom develops. Concentration increases. Memory increases and mental strength develops. We use only 10 percent of our brain. But with determination, we start using its full powers.

2. Knowledge fibers of the brain are functional. The slightest touch of the thumb’s forefinger and forefinger of the thumb causes a wonderful movement in our mind and brain. There is a slight spasm.

3. Excellent posture for intellectuals, thinkers, teachers, students due to increased concentration. Therefore this mudra is also called Saraswati mudra.

4. No matter what kind of mind a child is, his / her Megha Shakti starts to develop quickly and the memory power is also strong. What happens when fire and air meet? Fire is intense. Similarly, when the index and thumb meet, the intellect develops. The soft intellect also shines.

5. There are pressure points of the brain and pituitary gland in the forefinger of the thumb and there is a point of mind on the forearm of the index finger. When there is a slight pressure on touching two of them, then the mind, brain and pituitary gland – all three are awakened. When fire is intense in contact with fire and air, the dirt and deformities of the mind become pure. And that results in mental hygiene.

6. Pituitary gland located in brain, pineal gland is affected. It is beneficial in all diseases related to stress such as high BP headache etc. Performing this mudra all three times is very beneficial.

7. This mudra has a quick effect on our nervous system, there is coordination of mind and brain. Misconceptions, negative, bad thoughts are removed from the mind. Instant release from mental stress and tension related headaches are also removed. Insanity of the mind is removed by its constant practice.

8. In headaches and migraines, doing Gyan Mudra and Prana Mudra together is more beneficial. Do 15 minutes of Gyan Mudra and 15 minutes of Pran Mudra.

9. It is beneficial in restlessness, insanity, irritability, anger etc. This mudra provides peace, acts as tranquilizer, hence beneficial in insomnia. This currency also has the advantage in Behosi.

10. This posture is essential for progress in the spiritual realm. With the continuous practice of Gyanmudra, the knowledge system of human being develops. The sixth sense develops. This can give us an idea of ​​past, future and present events. The ability to know what is on one’s mind is attained. This mudra is mandatory in meditation and samadhi.

11. Practicing this mudra to get success in your work area is beneficial. It is also very beneficial in heart disease.

12. Toothache and skin diseases are eliminated by this mudra, and it is also beautifying. Facial stains, freckles are removed and facial aura increases.

13. This mudra is also helpful for relieving the habit of intoxication. It is very beneficial in ridding all kinds of intoxication and bad habits.

14. Regular practice of this posture reduces sex.

15. Gyan Mudra is the soul of currency science. It is an AC currency that can be applied continuously for twenty-four hours. Gyan Mudra affects all of the soul, mind, intellect and body. It is also resistant to disease, and is also very helpful in curative and spiritual practice.

16. When the thumb and index finger meet, luck is born.

17. Gyan Mudra makes the entire nervous system powerful, consciousness and life force flows together. That is why in today’s era of mental stress, there is a very good posture.

18. This pose is very good for hyperactive children.

19. Practicing this mudra regularly for one hour every day with deep breaths increases the intelligence, increases the intensity, experiences peace, and we are completely sick.

20. To avoid Alzheimer’s in old age and people suffering from this disease also practice this mudra daily.

21. The thumb symbolizes inner strength and energy and index finger is external energy. When the two meet, they co-ordinate and we attain divine powers.

22. This posture connects us carefully.

23. Disease resistance power increases in the body.

24. Doing this boosts our confidence.

Precautions: –
This knowledge posture should be done on an empty stomach. If you are doing this posture sitting in a chair, then the feet should not be moved. Meditation should not be lost in this posture.


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