Centering Meditation by Kimmel

centering Meditation
centering meditation

Welcome, I’ll be guiding you through three meditations. You may choose to do them all in sequence or practice them individually as your time allows.

The inspiration for the Centering Meditation came from you. When facing life’s greatest challenges, the stress of uncertainty may feel overwhelming.

We may feel as though we’ve lost sight of our essential wholeness. And yet at the same time, our innate wisdom invites us to open more profoundly to the life that we still have.

Centering Meditation offers us a way to be fully present in each moment. To be present, without judgment or resistance no matter what is happening physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

People find that the regular practice of meditation helps us to feel peaceful and calm and better able to find meaning in life experiences.

It is our intention that these meditations help bring you back to that place where you are at one with the wholeness and wonder of life just as it is.

Where you accept your body just as it is and feel better about your life right here in this moment. We’ll begin our practice with a centering meditation to simply acknowledge where we are in the moment.

And to relate to ourselves with compassion and care. Let’s take a few moments to really set ourselves up properly for Centering Meditation. If you like you could sit in a chair with the spine lengthened upwards.

Or if you feel you’d be more comfortable lying on the floor, or sitting in a recliner, or lying in bed, please do that. Here you can place a pillow underneath your knees to help support the lower back and a warm blanket will help keep you warm.

Allow the spine to be lengthened upward. Allow the weight to be balanced evenly between the left and right sides. And make any final adjustments, so that you can hold this position for the next several minutes. Allow the eyelids to gently close.

Take in a slow, easy breath. Then exhaling, just letting go. Relaxing the muscles and feeling the body settled down. On the next inhalation, allow your awareness to turn inward, and feel this whole body.

With awareness, focus inward. Notice how your body feels, and notice what your inner state of being is. On a scale of one to ten, one feeling deeply relaxed and ten being most stressed, make a note of where you are on that scale. Noticing any judgments, any resistance.

Any need to fix or change anything. Just let that all go with the next out-breath. Feel this whole body. How does the body feel today? Notice the effects of the weather. The effects of travel. Of exercise. The effects of recent or long term stress in your life.

The effects of the quality and quantity of sleep you’ve had. And the effects of what you’ve taken into your body.

Food, drink, medications, supplements. Silently listen to the voice of the body. And returning awareness to the breath.

Notice a point of contact where the breath enters the nostrils. And observe.

How are you breathing right now? Are you barely breathing? Are you breathing fully? Notice what emotions are present as you notice your breath. Emotions, energy, and motion.

And allow yourself to just observe. Without judgment or resistance. All the emotions that are present in the body.

Not just the ones you want to experience, but those that may be hidden, undesired or unexpected. Be present to the myriad of emotions that inhabit the body.

And observe how the emotions may be affecting how the body feels. Again, observing with awareness and compassion.

No resistance, no judgment. And now turning to the thoughts. Notice the thoughts. The activity of the mind.

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Are your thoughts about the past? Reviewing a story. Wrestling with incidents long past that never alive.

Or are the thoughts ahead of you? Anticipating an uncertain future. Or perhaps the mind is fully present. Right here, at this very moment.

Noticing too, how these thoughts affect the feelings, and in turn, affect the body. Just be the observer. No resistance, no judgment.

And now let yourself become the observer of these thoughts, as though each thought were a cloud and the one observing the great sky.

Observing with a compassionate yet detached awareness, these thoughts. These feelings. These sensations. And as you allow yourself to be the observer, let any insight or guidance surface from beyond the mind.

The emotions, the sensations. Returning once again to sensations of the body resting in stillness. Awareness of the breath. Soft and easy. To the quieter mind. Noticing if any shifts have occurred for you during this centering journey.

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Noticing where you are once again on a scale of one to ten. Noticing too, any insights you’ve gained by compassionately observing you’re the state of being. And as you hear the sound of the bell, allow the eyes to slowly open as you follow the sound of the bell to the end.

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