yoga meditation

Yoga – Benefits, and Importance

Yoga has been associated with Indians for increasingly than 2000 years, but in the last few decades, the popularity of yoga has increased profoundly worldwide.
7 chakras

THE 7 CHAKRAS explained

These 7 awareness focuses or 7 Chakras all have a specific moral quality. They are the seven chakras of a perfect life, beginning from the base to the top they are called: request, will, insight, sincerity, tolerance, love, and kindness.
Meditation Facts

16 Unusual Meditation Facts

Meditation is very important in every one's life. It has its own fact . Some of Meditation Facts are very unusual.
M3editation Types by Tom

The 4 Main Meditation Types Explained

there was primarily Four Distinct Meditation Types we have Concentration, Contemplation, Chanting and then Transcending Style Meditations.
transcendental meditation mantras

Transcendental Meditation Mantras Explained

transcendental meditation mantras are the type of mantra meditation where the mantra is sacred sound pronunciation with a proper set of words.