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Agni Mudra

What is Agni Mudra: It is a posture that helps in the release of locked energy within the body and directs the flow and...

Sky Mudra

Sky PoseThe middle finger symbolizes the sky element. When the fire element and the sky element meet, there is a feeling of expansion like the sky. The...

Zero Currency

What is Zero Currency: - Zero means sky. Our middle finger is connected to the sky. This posture maintains balance among the elements inside...

Hand Pose Explained

The five fingers speak to the five components of the universe  The forefinger: - This finger speaks to the component of air. These finger...

Non-Human Currency

What is non-human currency: -  Another name for Apanavayu Mudra is a dead-lifesaving stance, it is legitimately identified with the heart. Apan Vayu Mudra...

Apna Mudra

What is Apna Mudra: -  Apan is a position of wellbeing and quality. In the event that we talk about yoga here, in yoga...
7 chakras

THE 7 CHAKRAS explained

These 7 awareness focuses or 7 Chakras all have a specific moral quality. They are the seven chakras of a perfect life, beginning from the base to the top they are called: request, will, insight, sincerity, tolerance, love, and kindness.

Surya Mudra

What is Surya Mudra: -Surya means fire, by performing Surya mudra, our inner fire elements are governed. The ring finger of the Sun is also known as the ring finger. This finger...
M3editation Types by Tom

The 4 Main Meditation Types Explained

there was primarily Four Distinct Meditation Types we have Concentration, Contemplation, Chanting and then Transcending Style Meditations.

Gender Mudra

What is Gender pose: - This mudra is an image of manliness, subsequently it is called Linga mudra. Ling mudra is drilled to build...